Wurth Type 32 Upvc Solvent Cleaner

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Buy Wurth Type 32 Upvc solvent cleaner from Gert Big Tools 

This is a professional cleaner designed for removing dirt and marks from white window frames

Used by professionals in the glazing trades  and brought to you at this amazing trade price.

1 Litre bottle

For white UPVC only

Do not use on door panels, Please follow instructions carefully

Upvc Solvent Cleaner

Type 32 uPVC Solvent Cleaner • Suitable for the removal of grime, excess grease, ingrained marks and uncured silicone from uPVC windows and door frames. • Apply with a clean, colourfast cloth. • Test a small area first to ensure frames do not discolour.

Professional Wurth type 32 upvc solvent cleaner at trade price from Gert Big Tools