Wurth Laminate Fast Acting Adhesive

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Wurth Laminate fast drying wood glue 500g

Very quick hardening universal glue for gluing all types of wood
Short setting time

High initial strength

Enables short pressing times

Transparent when dry

Complies with loading group D2 in accordance with DIN/EN 204

Interior applications with occasional short-term exposure to water

Application equipment should be made from stainless steel or plastic. Processing time depends on the material, humidity, temperature and application quantity

Application area
Indoor door gluing
Indoor stairs and railings
Surface gluing of laminated panels
Manual edge gluing
Joint, flush and dowel pin gluing of pinewood, hardwood and exotic woods
Carrier material must be free from dust and grease, as well as free from all kinds of dirt that could damage bonding. Optimum wood moisture is between 8% and 12%.
Apply an even layer of glue on one side with a brush, spatula or a glue roller