Wurth Industry Cleaner Adhesive Label Remover

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Product Overview

A Fast And Effective Cleaner, Wurth Industry Cleaner Removes Adhesive Sticky Label's With Ease.
A industrial spray cleaner which removes stubborn soiling like wax, rubber abrasion, silicone residues, oil and grease are dissolves it. Compatible with most materials.

• Adhesive residues from labels and adhesive tape are removed.

• Unpainted surfaces like aluminium, brass, stainless steel and metallic surfaces are not attacked.

User friendly.

:• No unpleasant odours for user and environment.

• Fast, effective cleaning. Acetone free. Silicone and AOX-free. INDUSTRY CLEANER High quality special cleaner for industry and craft trades. Use: Spray parts to be cleaned, allow to soak in briefly and wipe dry with a clean, dry cloth. For sensitive surfaces, spray on a cloth and wipe off surfaces. Note: Check rubber and plastic parts for compatibility in a location not visible prior to treatment. Paints may be attacked


(No reviews yet) Write a Review