Wurth Car & Air Conditioning Deodoriser Odour Remover

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Product Overview

Remove odours & smells with Wurths car deodoriser, Linen fresh 150ml

No time consuming disassembly work to access the evaporator or parts of the vehicle interior. Reduces unpleasant odours with long-lasting fresh scent

Has a preventive effect against bacteria and fungi
Universal, flexible and mobile
No additional manual for specific work steps required
One Can = One application
Odour-neutral interiors and air-conditioning units can be achieved with preventive treatment. Remove excess substance with a damp cloth. No persons are allowed inside the vehicle during application. All electrical devices must be switched off during application. Avoid ignition sources. Before entering the vehicle, ventilate it thoroughly for several minutes. Do not smoke inside the vehicle straight after application. Use only one can per application.

Shake can well before use. Switch off the air conditioner, switch on circulating mode, set ventilation at maximum and select a cold temperature level for the interior. Position the can centrally in the centre console and activate the spray head. Keep doors and windows closed during application (approx.10 min.). Ventilate the vehicle well after use and wipe of any residue immediately using a damp cloth. DO NOT PLACE IN FOOTWELL. Observe the information above.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review