Wurth Adgrip Panel Adhesive

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Wurth Adgrip panel adhesive 380ml

This highly versatile adhesive will permanently bond panel materials, insulation products, carpets, gripper and most building materials.
A high quality, one part gunable SBR adhesive (synthetic butyl rubber)
Ideal for panel and baten bonding
High body gives gap filling properties
Excellent bonding characteristics
Fast panel construction without nails, screws or fixing strips
High slump resistance
Handling precautions
Do not smoke whilst handling. Keep away from all other sources of ignition.
Use only in well ventilated areas to conform with the current Occupational Exposure Limits. Avoid breathing vapours.
Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
Wear suitable protective clothing, impervious gloves (e.g. neoprene or nitrile rubber) and goggles. (To meet BS2092).
Store in a secure environment away from sources of ignition.
Not to be used with expanded polystyrene

Preparation (for maximum bond integrity)

Precondition adhesive and materials to be binded at 15°C - 20°C (60°F - 68°F)

Surfaces should be free of grease and dust


Cut nozzle to give required line size (3-6 mm dia) depending on gap to be filled. Pierce inner seal.

Apply lines of adhesive at approx. 30 cm centres to surface to be bonded


For light panel materials press firmly onto adhesive immediately and leave to set.

For heavier materials or those with pronounced bowing, press firmly onto adhesive, then break bond and hinge panel away. Allow panel adhesive to dry for 10-20 minutes depending on adhesive coating and ambient conditions. Remake bond. Press well, preferably using mallet or wood block to ensure firm bond.

Maximum adhesive performance is dependent on sufficient pressure being applied