Palu Silicone Sealant Smoothing Tool

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Product Overview

Use This Palu Silicone Sealant Tool To Perfect And Tool Off Neatly Silicone And Sealants.

This silicone tooling block is excellent for tooling off sealants and creating neat silicone joints easily.

Made of special plastic, makes tooling off a breeze.

This tool allows you to get into tight corners

Easy to use and of very high quality

This silicone tool is a very popular product and is finished to a high standard.

A must-have tool in any glazier, window fitter, builder, kitchen fitter or bathroom installers kit bag

Palu Sealant Tool Info

Length 85mm
Width 80mm
Thickness 7mm
Palu silicone sealant tool the professionals choice with Free Delivery from Gert Big Tools


(No reviews yet) Write a Review