Bohle Xtragrip Mirror Adhesive

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Use Bohle Xtragrip mirror adhesive to fix mirrors to walls without the need for unsightly screws

Fixes traditional mirrors onto wood, stone, concrete, and metal.

Easy to use and apply this strong mirror adhesive is solvent-free and makes fixing mirrors to a wall a doddle

Adhesive Description
310 ml tubes

A neutral, silicone-based single-component adhesive (oxime-free). Intended for stress-compensating mirror bonding onto wood, concrete, stone, glass, metal, etc. Porous surfaces must first be treated with a primer. Not suitable for force-fit connections. Xtragrip® is easy to work with, stays permanently elastic, and does not corrode the mirror coating. · Technical data: Basis: polysiloxane (oxime-free) Consistency: stable paste Curing system: polymerisation by humidity Skin formation: approx. 10 min. (+20°C and 65% rel. humidity) Curing speed: 1mm / 24 h. (+20°C and 65% rel. humidity) Density: 1.36 Thermal stability: -50°C to +120°C

Bohles Xtragrip mirror adhesive is a strong mirror adhesive